Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toby and Miles are 3 months old today!

We had a great holiday and things are finally settling down.
I cannot believe Toby and Miles are 3 months old already!
They have grown so much and are just beautiful boys.

Toby is fearless and a cuddle bug. He loves to get in my lap or in my shirt during playtime. He will pull at the bottom of my shirt until I let him in. He comes running to the cage door and usually falls out when I open it and when playtime is over, putting him back in the cage can be an ordeal. He explores the farthest and the longest during out time. He gets very excited if I rub the carpet and will wrestle my hand. He is such a cutie and will do anything for a goodie.

Miles is more of an observer and does not get into freeplay as much.
He seems more content to watch everyone else play. However he does love to run on the wheel in the cage and even when he does decide to venture out during playtime, it is not long before he goes back to the cage and runs in his wheel instead. I have noticed an interesting quirk about him, when he runs in the wheel he keeps his tail curled up and arched over his back. None of the others do this. It is very cute. He is a very sweet and gentle rat. He is polite when he takes a treat and keeps himself meticulously groomed.



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