Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The boys.

The boys are so wonderful!
I cannot begin to express how glad I am that I got more than two.
They are so much fun! I am now actually hoping to get a few more,
maybe a "fuzzy" hairless (or two) and a rex (or two).
I know....I am completely and totally gone.;)
My oldest daughter (Dayne) does not want me to get a naked hairless,
she thinks they are just gross to look at. :)
But I actually prefer the fuzzy hairless anyway and as luck would have it, that is exactly the type Keith at Carolina Blue Rattery breeds.
I have been researching and have decided to get a critter nation for my boys. I should be able to order it in a couple of weeks.

Here are a few pictures from tonight's playtime.






Meagan said...

Ah! Ratpile!

Very cute.

The Rattie Crew said...

they are such beautiful boys - I love their colouring!