Sunday, August 12, 2012


I cannot believe it has been well over a year since I updated this site. We found out last year that our then 4 year old daughter is allergic to rats! She had been around them since she was a baby (and is in several of the pics on this blog) without any problems. But after losing the girls at the end of 2010 we did not have rats for about 5 months and when I brought Loki & Oben home Zoƫ had swelling of her eyes and hives on her face and arms whenever she touched them. Because she did not understand and would not leave them alone I ended up taking them back to the breeder until we could have her allergies evaluated.

She has been tested and is allergic to numerous things, including rats & cats. However her reactions are not as severe now with treatment and since she is a year and a half older she understands more what "allergies" mean.

All this to say I have not had rats for about a year and a half and have missed them so. We even tried mice for a bit (since she is not allergic to them) as cute as they are... It is just not the same. I am going to wait until she is old enough to understand better and then get some babies once again.