Saturday, January 3, 2009

Casper and Felix are 2 months old today!

I cannot believe my babies are growing so fast.
Casper and Felix are sweeties and have adjusted quickly to life with us.
They are so cute with their dumbo ears. They are both a slightly deeper blue than Toby and Miles and also quite beautiful.

Casper is a complete pig.
I thought Toby was an eater, until I got this guy.
He will literally eat anything and does not know when to stop. He even gets excited about the lab blocks, when I refill the bowl. He loves playtime and tends to follow Toby around when they are out. He also loves to wrestle with the others and I think drives them crazy at times.

Felix is laid back and curious, but also a little more timid. He can be somewhat reluctant to come out of the cage at first, but once he does he runs all over as well. He likes to eat too, I would compare him to Toby in this aspect. He loves a goodie and comes running for his share.



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