Thursday, April 1, 2010

We are tumor free :)

I was finally able to take Poppy in on March 17th to have her tumor evaluated. It had started to grow more rapidly and had tripled in less than 2 weeks by that point and was as big as a baseball, which really looks even bigger on such a tiny little body. It had started to interfere with her everyday life, was too heavy for her to run in the wheel and she started wanting me to give her treats in the hammock, instead of running down with her sisters. I felt so bad for her and used all my reserve money to take her to the Dr. She had surgery to remove it, which actually went very well. But she then tore open her incision and I had to decide whether to get another surgery to fix it or just manage it. I was so worried about her and thought I had once again made the wrong decision by getting surgery. I decided to wait and see, since I was afraid she would just tear it open again and really did not have another $200 to take her back in. So I gave her antibiotics longer, kept her on fleece (no bedding of any kind) and away from her sisters. It healed with no problem and she was back to her crazy, little hyper self within about 10 days. Here is a picture of her about 5 days after the surgery.

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