Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poppy has a tumor.

Well my babies are all around a year old now. So I fear this may be the start of age issues... But Poppy has a growth under one of her arms. I first noticed it around Christmas and it was about the size of a grape for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it is as big as a ping pong ball! It is very disturbing to me. She does not seem bothered by it at all, still runs in her wheel, eats and lets me touch it. I did some research and am pretty sure it is a mammary tumor (has all the classic symptoms) I want to take her to the vet, but with Blue's bill ending up being close to $450 and Christmas I am so broke right now. I hope it does not get any bigger for awhile and maybe I can take her in next month. I am also very worried about surgery of any kind on a rattie now, Blue was the first rat I took in for surgery and she ended up dying b/c of complications from the surgery. I still regret that choice and worry for Poppy.


Lynn said...

I'm so sorry about Poppy. :( How did her surgery go, if you took her in? I hope she's doing well.

Casey said...

Hi Lynn. Poppy is doing great now and all better. I did take her in on March 17th bc her tumor started to grow more rapidly and had tripled in less than 2 weeks. She had surgery to remove it, which went very well. But she then tore open her incision and I had to decide whether to get another surgery to fix it or just manage it. I decided to wait and see, since I was afraid she would just tear it open again. So I gave her antibiotics longer, keep her on fleece and no bedding and away from her sisters. It healed with no problem and she was back to her crazy, little hyper self within about 10 days.