Friday, September 18, 2009

I cannot believe it has almost been a year!

I cannot believe my boys will be one year old soon. The time has really flown!

They are such great boys too. Last night I had them out while I watched TV and they explored the table and couch a bit, but kept coming back to me in the recliner for scritches and a snuggle. Toby even took a nap in my lap for awhile. Although, I love all my ratties very much, Toby is a very special boy and has stolen my heart so completely. I think he knows it too! When I put them up for the evening Toby reaches for me or puts his little hands in the way so I cannot close the door and then looks at me with such soulful little eyes that I have to take him back out for a bit. He is spoiled and I could eat him up.


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