Thursday, September 17, 2009

The girls are in this blog now too.

I decided to include the girls in this blog. I was going to start them a separate blog. But have had a hard enough time keeping up with one. So have decided to post any intersting/cute stuff about them along with the boys. They are Poppy and Ember two beautiful sweet sisters. Poppy is a black Berkshire rex and Ember is a black English Irish. I also have Little Blue, an American blue Berkshire that fit right in with Poppy and Ember. They are all three very sweet girls that love to get goodies and come out to play on my bed. Then I have three younger girls: Chile is a beautiful fawn Berkshire Dumbo, Camille is a Himalayan Dumbo Rex and lastly baby Drew, she is an American Mink Berkshire Rex.

Baby Drew

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