Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting to know the babies.

The boys are adjusting well.
I had them out for a play session this morning and after awhile they both ended up falling asleep in the carry pouch, all snuggled together.
They let me pet them and are very curious about what is outside the pouch.
Toby kept trying to pull my ring off my finger and then he licked me several times and was so gentle.:)
Miles kept bringing me the rest of his treat and putting it in my hand.:)
I love them so much already!
They both seem to enjoy the dog's freeze dried beef liver treats.
I have not given them a lot of new stuff yet though, as I do not want to upset their tummies.
I am feeding them Harlan Teklad #2018 blocks and a rattie mix I made yesterday. I used Suebee's rat mix recipe and modified it a little.

My boys.

Tired boys.

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