Friday, November 7, 2008

The boys are 5 weeks old.

The boys are doing wonderful.
They are growing so fast, they look bigger each day.
They are both so sweet and curious. They love to get in the carry pouch and know a treat is coming when they get in.
They are both so smart!

Toby is the piggy one, he is the first to try something new and when he is finished with his treat he usually tries to take what Miles has left.
Miles is a lot pickier about what he eats, but if it is something he likes, then he gets excited about it.

Last night I cleaned their cage and when I put them back in it, they were going crazy and running around at super speed, very excited.:)
Toby kept coming out onto my hand and wanting to explore.
Miles comes to the door and licks me, but does not try to come out yet.

I have not let them have free play yet, I wanted to spend the first
week getting to know them, so I held them and snuggled them in the pouch.
This weekend we are going to start free play and I am very excited.

Eating broccoli is tiring!

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The Rattie Crew said...

OMG they are absolutely precious!!