Thursday, October 2, 2014

New babies!

I decided I would prefer to get my babies from a breeder. I have just not had any luck with craigslist or the pet stores. I do not like not knowing the background or getting potentially super unsocialized ratties, not to mention serious health concerns. So I have been researching and finally found a breeder not too incredibly far from me!

She is Southern Mischief Rattery and she has several babies that will be available 10/15/14. I picked out two cuties and am hoping to pick them up on October 17th!

This is little Boo. (aka Boo Bug)
He is a dumbo rex agouti berkshire! DOB 9/11/14

This is little Dill. (aka Dilly Bar)
He is a dumbo rex russian blue veriberk! DOB 9/14/14

Images courtesy of Joni at Southern Mischief Rattery.

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