Monday, May 9, 2011

The boys are home!

They are so sweet, curious and adorable! The one I named Loki is the more outwardly curious one, Oben is also very curious and sweet just not quite as quick to come running yet as Loki. But they are both wonderfully socialized and easygoing. Looks like they are both Siamese too, originally the breeder thought Oben was a Havana, but he is also getting points now. I was talking to another breeder friend of mine (Nicole at Rats Of keona) and she thinks since the litter had mink and black in it, that one of the boys is probably a mink point and the other a seal point. I think they are both beautiful! Oben is a little smaller and lighter shaded than Loki and has a darker nose smudge so far, but other than that they look just alike. :-)

Here is a pic in the temporary setup while they get used to me.



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