PitaPata - Dog

PitaPata - Dog

Sunday, May 16, 2010

and then there were three...

We are moving soon and our new apartment is not only smaller but not so happy with the idea of pet rats.:( I have worked it out so I can keep one medium cage and all the same sex (if not altered) So I decided to keep the girls, since Poppy has some health concerns, adopting her out just did not seem right. Which left my two boys...placing the boys into a new home was a very hard decision, but I was fortunate in that I was actually able to take them back to the original breeder, Carolina Blue Rattery. He was hoping to work with the unidentified mink Toby carries, so it worked out good. I know Keith will take care of them and Toby will get to have some girlfriend's again and still has his buddy Felix with him. :)

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Lynn said...

That's a hard decision, but it sounds like you thought long and hard about it. Good luck in your move and in your new home!