Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are still here

I have not posted in forever...sorry. I went back to work full time in April and with the Rattery and a 2 year old it has been kind of hectic. The boys are doing great, as well as the girls. I eneded up switching the boys to a large Martin's cage...I had the double unit critter nation for my boys since Feb and although it is a beautiful cage. I was frustrated with it for several reasons. First the pans were too shallow for bedding so I had to use fleece, which the boys peed all over and then destroyed. So I was having to change the fleece like every 2 days at least and always running out of it. Also b/c of the shallow pans they would throw out a ton of poops/food stuff all the time. I was constantly having to vacuum around their cage (to keep my 2 year old from playing in or eating it :0) Lastly and the real kicker for me, living in a top floor apt, I was not able to take it outside to hose down and it was way too big and heavy to get in the shower. So even with wiping it down I could never get it clean enough (since pee would get in the grooves)
Overall it really is a nice cage and If I did not have so many rats to clean up after, maybe the fleece and poops on the floor would not bother me as much. But I think you would definitely need a way to hose it down good regularly. Most people that have a CN love them, so maybe I am too picky :) or maybe my boys are complete slobs :)either way the Martin's works better for us.
I ended up selling it to Carolina Rescue really cheap to help them out. Rather than save it and maybe not use it for awhile.


Lynn said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing ok. Sounds like life has been busy. Many scritches to the ratties.

Gabrielle said...

I use the Ferplast Furet XL - just bought a new one. Perfect cage, nice and big, well worth the £150 (Sob) I spent.